Yorkshire's Drinks (r)Evolution

Yorkshire's Drinks (r)Evolution - Cover1

Yorkshire’s Drinks (r)Evolution is a concept for a book I am researching, producing and publishing:
The growth in the drinks business has been exponential over the past few years. Scotch whisky has never known it so good, with global demand threatening to outstrip supply. Investment is happening.

Gin has enjoyed a resurgence, and ‘craft’ beer has whittled out a commercial niche of its own, sending some of the larger corporates into hiding and no-doubt considering an element of reinvention.

Within Yorkshire, the growth has been great. In this book I intend to look at the factors making the independent movement happen, some of the brewing history around us, and of course, the stories behind some of the 200+ businesses that are proud to make it in Yorkshire – from the garage brewer to the business challenger.

It this a revolution, or just evolution?

  • Rise of the ‘craft’ | Yorkshire & Brewing | Viva the (r)evolution
  • How it’s made
  • 199 Breweries, 14 Distilleries, 10 Vineyards, 2 Cider Farms
Yorkshire's Drinks (r)Evolution - Cover 2
Yorkshire's Drinks (r)Evolution - Regional Map
Yorkshire's Drinks (r)Evolution - Distillery Example
Yorkshire's Drinks (r)Evolution - Brewer Example
Yorkshire's Drinks (r)Evolution - Distilling Process


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