Yorkshire's Drinks (r)Evolution - Cover1

The craft drinks industry. Evolution or revolution?

The Craft drinks sector is in growth, there’s no denying. Living in the heart of Yorkshire I can see the influence at the pumps (pub, not petrol…), on the supermarket aisles, and of course with the many numbers of new entrants to the brewing/distilling/winemaking trade.

There’s some great stories to be read – from families expanding traditional businesses, friends following a common passion, redundancy-funded new careers, and of course, opportunists.

I’m researching a book where I examine the factors that have led me to being stood in a cold barn on a Friday afternoon, by choice, to drink beer – rather than a cosy pub. Is it age, or something different? I also look at what defines ‘craft’ and whether this is a phase, a trend, a revolution or evolution? Finally, I take a look at the 200+ breweries, 20+ distilleries, 10 or so vineyards and several cider farms that are putting Yorkshire on the artisan producers’ map of the UK.

Watch this space. I hope…

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