Creating your sustainable story

Some organisations start on strong sustainable foundations whereas some find themselves having to make some tough decisions.

Either way, there’s often lots of thinking and planning to do. This takes time, understanding and knowledge – however the outcomes are fantastic.

Using experience from writing sustainability plans for large PLC’s, I help businesses to create their environmental agenda, to write their story – and avoid pitfalls such as Greenwash.

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Sustainability in drinks industry survey

In April 2021 we carried out a short survey, mainly to whisky drinkers based in the UK. The aim was simply to gain insight and understanding into what the public/consumer’s opinion and understanding was on sustainability in the drinks industry. As a taster, here’s the results of questions 1 and 2. 

More Sustainable Stories

Whisky and Whiskey - Sustainability
Whisky and Whiskey - Sustainability
Whisky and Whiskey - Sustainability