The Power of Passion

Not *that* sort of passion, but a passion for what you believe in – be that a product, a cause or a solution. I went to an event last week which where a number of small, independent and in some cases, charitable, organisations presented. Each had their own message, however as a collective, the theme was addressing the rise in knife crime in the UK. Although being an alarming subject to listen to, it was…

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Volunteering – more than just a line on your CV

I really value volunteering and giving back where you can. It’s not to create a new page on my CV – it’s because I can. Being self employed, I don’t get paid leave or charity days – but I’ve made time to support local charities and good causes. OK, so this was in the guise of a beer festival, but what it did was connect a community in the local church. Not only was the…

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