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The power of experience

Don’t underestimate the power of experience. One of my passions (nicely blurred between personal and professional) is whisky. The industry as a whole fascinates me. Last night I attended (yet another) tasting event, which as well as being a good enough reason to have a few tastes on a school night, also serves as a great reminder what retail can still offer in this world moving increasingly on-line. Brands can make a big impact online…

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Online Retail

Retail can’t fight digital. So work with it.

Surprisingly, many small retailers are talking about the online threat like it was a new thing. It isn’t and it’s certainly not going away. Whilst some have taken the route of going digital only and eliminating premises costs, the effect is felt on the high street, where committees are struggling to get footfall back into their retail areas. Can the tide be changed, or do people have to focus more on evolving? The world we…

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Where on earth…?

Many of the conversations I get into with people is about their online presence. SEO, Keywords, Google and so on. People are coming to the realisation that just having a website is one thing – however, it can be meaningless unless the website can be found. Likewise, a great URL may read great – but that’s if you know it exists. Google, Google, Google Yes, there are other search engines, but as Google currently claims…

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