Andrew Stark

Andrew Stark Marketing Consultant

That’s my mugshot. For the sake of SEO, I’ll say my name again – Andrew Stark. I’m an experienced marketeer with UK and EMEA experience.

Working with large corporates and multinational companies in different countries such as USA, UAE, India, Iberia, Nordics.
Successful experience with B2B and B2C marketing in financial, telecoms, travel, utilities, retail, manufacturing and technology environments.

– Integrated Marketing
– Public relations
– Thought leadership
– Communications
– Brand development & positioning

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How I work

I take a simple approach to working with clients – separating between strategic marketing and marketing delivery.

With strategic marketing, I help people better understand the marketplace they operate in, the factors influencing this and the trends which will change it. We agree goals and aims and devise a plan to achieve them.

With marketing services, I create, deliver and measure marketing activity against this plan, or help manage the suppliers who are specialist in the field – such as web build, designers and photographers.

Sector Experience

Marketing Disciplines

  • – Proposition defining
  • – Brand Creation
  • – Brand awareness
  • – Websites and SEO
  • – Social Media content, planning and campaigns
  • – Google Adwords
  • – PR – writing and placement
  • – Offline campaigns – print and display
  • – Though leadership
  • – Web traffic
  • – Company positioning
  • – Corporate Social Responsibility

Where I work

I’m used to working across the UK and Europe. The internet and telephones are amazing inventions for communications. Distance isn’t really a barrier, although it is good to meet people in person.

I’m currently working across North Yorkshire, London and Scotland.