I help businesses to communicate more effectively and professionally.

Is your business growing but making that step to employing a full-time marketing role is perhaps not the right for you yet?

It’s perfectly natural that you’re cautious and you’ve probably come to the conclusion that hiring someone ‘on the cheap’ will mean either lack of experience, effectiveness, motivation – or probably all of these.

I’m a marketing consultant, and rather than being a generic label, it means that I work firstly by understanding your challenges. If you ‘just want’ a website or a press release – that’s fine. But where I’m most effective as a consultant is understanding why you want a website, or what is your overall aim of a media presence. If you don’t know – I can work with you to uncover these aims and goals so when we put a plan together, it’s with purpose, direction and a measurable outcome.

Marketing? That’s just websites and stuff, isn’t it?

Ok, so I could start listing products or services – but that’s not really how I work. How much as a website? How much for a press release? These are outcomes – answers to a question. What’s more important is the question and if it’s the right question to ask. From there, we can better understand why we are doing something, and what it is we are wanting to achieve. This isn’t a ‘sales formula’ or ‘marketing BS’. It’s common sense.

Can you guarantee a sales increase?

Whoa. Now there’s a big question and I’m not going to make baseless promises. What I do commit to is forming a relationship with my customers where we work towards a goal. Simply adding sales takes a combination of elements and it’s important to break these down.

This can be translating what you do from the ideas in your head to something written down in a logical order to creating an on-shelf brand presence and many things inbetween.

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Marketing Consultant, York, UK., working across York, Leeds, Manchester and the rest of the UK and dipping into Scotland too.

20 years+ experience working in the beverages, financial, FMCG, retail, utilities, telecoms and charity sectors. Experience is B2B and consumer focussed.

I take a consultative approach to working with clients, helping them to understand their clients and the markets they operate in.

I work directly with small, medium and large companies as well as with design agencies and associated services.

My experience is across the UK and EMEA.